White Coats for Black Lives

I am black. I am a woman. I am a physician.

They all are a part of who I am. I don’t get to choose to take off one hat when it’s convenient. I wear all three, proudly. I don’t have the privilege of joining the movement while it’s trending, only to return to business as usual the following week.

Discrimination, bias, and inequalities is what I experience every single day, as a black female physician. The pain felt by the entire black community is the pain I feel in every ounce of my body. The health disparities that exist in our community are felt by us all. As a physician, I’m not exempt.

I was black and a girl/woman for 25 years before I became a physician. The black community is my community. Until we have justice, we are all at a disadvantage. We need systemic change. Black lives matter today, as they did yesterday, and as they will tomorrow. We will keep reminding society until we no longer feel the need to. That day is not today. 

Black Lives Matter. 

Black Lives Matter.

Black Lives Matter.

White Coats for Black Lives.

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